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Stay Fresh with Quality Deodorants from Sears

With our full line of deodorants and body powders, Sears lets you enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you look and smell fresh all day long. Available in sprays, solid sticks and roll-ons, deodorants are affordable, easy-to-apply products that combat body odor and excessive perspiration. Active ingredients help tighten the skin's pores that secrete sweat. Our broad selection includes both scented and unscented deodorants, body powders and antiperspirants, ensuring that you'll find just the right product to keep you feeling fresh as a rose every day.

Our diverse collection of deodorants features well-known brands like Secret, AXE and Dove. You'll find an array of on-trend designers represented too, such as Hugo Boss, Perry Ellis and Pierre Cardin, who offer sprays with scents that are designed to complement their brand's line of fragrances and bar soaps. Whether you're on the lookout for a deodorant with a specific scent like jasmine, sandalwood or lavender or you prefer an unscented product that won't overpower your favorite fragrance, you'll find the ideal deodorant product here at Sears.

For excessive sweating challenges, select deodorant products with formulas engineered to address localized hyperhidrosis safely by blocking sweat glands. For deodorants that won't stain your clothing, choose from an array of clear gels, sprays and roll-ons. Explore our line of body powders to enjoy a fresh-all-over feeling. From an antiperspirant formulated to keep men feeling dry all day to a body cleanser designed to soothe a baby's sensitive skin, trust Sears to address all of your family's bathing and grooming needs.

Whether it's a hypoallergenic formula from Jack Black, a spray mist from Naturally Fresh designed for sensitive skin or an antiperspirant from Dry Idea offering 24-hour wetness protection, you're sure to discover the ideal deodorizing solution at Sears. Count on Sears to offer your favorite brand at the right price. You can depend on us for affordable products for all of your grooming needs, from body powders and cleansers to razors and shaving gels. Stock up on your favorite deodorizing products and save money with our line of bulk bath supplies.

Sears offers a full line of deodorant products tailored to your family's busy lifestyle. Whether you're on the hunt for a roll-on solution for hot, going-sleeveless weather or you're searching for a solid stick deodorant that won't stain your delicate clothing, start the day right with deodorants and body powders from Sears.