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Highlight your Best Features with Makeup from Sears

Sears.com sells a beautiful variety of makeup to highlight your best features. Youl find everything from basic foundation and concealer to fun extras like false eyelashes and sparkly eyeshadow. Enjoy the convenience of having beauty products delivered.

Many people have flawless appearances because of concealer. Concealer is used to cover small skin discolorations such as pimples, scars and undereye circles. It can be used alone or under foundation. At Sears, youl find concealer in light, medium and dark skin tones as well as pale green and yellow. While green concealer helps blend away redness, yellow is especially good for covering purplish undereye circles.

Foundation is also a favorite beauty product. It's usually used over the entire face and sometimes the neck too. Foundation primarily covers minor skin flaws and evens out skin tone, but some foundation also protects and nourishes the skin. Extra ingredients can fight acne, prevent sun damage, smooth out fine lines and provide other benefits.

When youe ready to add definition to your eyes, check out the gorgeous eye makeup in Sears Beauty. Browse the mascara collection for the latest advances: mascara that lengthens lashes, thickens lashes, and even highlights specific eye colors. You can also click the search filter to quickly find your favorite brand. You can also find gorgeous palettes of eyeshadow and every shade of eyeliner in Sears Beauty.

Finally, Sears can help scrub your face clean with makeup remover for every kind of makeup and skin type. Youl see eye makeup remover, lipstick remover and products to use on the entire face. Try a bottle of oil-free makeup remover, or choose the convenient towelettes. Either way, youl help keep your skin clean and blemish-free!

Stock up on your makeup favorites, or try a new look. Sears Beauty makes it easy.