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Get in the mood with fragrances from Sears

You can create any mood with fragrance. In fact, many people often remember specific scents and associate them with pleasant memories. A soft breeze may carry the scent of a past love or a memory from long ago. Sears has a wide variety of fragrances for men and women, as well as room fresheners and candles to elevate any mood and ignite your inner passion. Whether you have a signature scent, or if you crave something new, choose from our selection of fragrances for men and women.

If you follow celebrities or know someone who does, Sears has the hottest collection of star quality fragrances on the market today. It appears as if every movie star or performer has his or her own fragrance, and you can find the one you are looking for right here. If you love several fragrances, and you are tired of having to buy them at different stores, we have them all in one place. Add ambiance and freshness to any room with our room sprays and candles to create the perfect environment for your home or office.

If designer fragrances are more your style, look no further than Sears. We have all your favorite designer scents for men and women, as well as unisex. Whether you prefer the timeless allure of Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds, or the youthful exuberance of Tommy Girl, we have fragrances to fit your life and personality. Fragrance has the power to lift spirits and put people in the mood for adventure and romance. Our scented candles can create the perfect ambiance for a special evening just for two.

Fragrances make great gifts, and Sears has boxed sets suitable for any occasion, particularly because their beautiful packaging makes them perfect to give just as they are. Whether you are buying for yourself or giving someone a gift, our boxed sets are perfect for lifting spirits and making someone's day. Immerse yourself in your favorite bath and body fragrances, or share your favorite scent with a friend. Fashion jewelry and fragrance make for the perfect combination, especially because they can make you feel as unique and special as your own personal style.

Sears has everything you need for all your fragrance and aromatherapy needs. We carry all your favorite fragrances, including designer, celebrity and boxed sets that are perfect for gift giving. The right scent can create the perfect mood, and Sears has scented candles and room sprays to enhance your senses or provide an aura of romance. Allow the powerful sensations of aroma and fragrance carry you to where you want to be.