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Remove Polish and Refresh Nails with a Variety of Removers from Sears

Nail polish can become too chipped or cracked to touch up and needs to be removed. At Sears, you can shop for a variety of polish removers that nourish your nails as they clean off old color.

Cutex is a recognizable brand in nail care. They produce several multi-purpose polish removers that aid nail health when used. Liquid polish remover with vitamin E nourishes nails and eases dryness. Strengthening polish remover promotes healthy nail growth. Or you can avoid liquids altogether with specialized manicure tools like our polish remover pads. This quick and convenient removal method can go with you anywhere and eliminates the potential for messy spills.

Polish removers from SuperNail come in pleasing scents like strawberry and kiwi to give you a break from the usual chemical smell. Acetone and non-acetone polish removers are available as well as Nail Off for removing artificial nails and nail adhesive.

Sally Hansen offers an acetone-free polish remover formula with nourishing extracts and vitamin E. Use it to remove water-based polish or your favorite traditional nail enamels. The inclusion of aloe means that your nails and cuticles will stay soft even after repeated use.

When it comes to nail polish maintenance and removal, Zoya has you covered. Their Remove polish remover not only wipes away old shades, it also cleans your nails and readies them for a new coat. This takes the fuss out of nail care and lets you apply a different color as often as you like. And if you find that your favorite nail polish has gotten a little thick since its last use, try Renew polish rejuvenator to restore it to the right consistency.

When it's time to remove your old nail polish, you want a product that's going to refresh your nails as it works. Check out Sears for polish removers that leave your nails beautiful and healthy. Don't forget to care of the rest of your feet, either. Sears carries rejuvenating lotions, creams, cuticle treatments and more, so stock up today!