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Buy the Hair Trimmer of your Choice at Sears

Hair trimmers keep facial hair and stubble at a desirable length when you don't want to shave it entirely. Sears offers a selection of hair trimmers for both men and women.

The Philips Norelco series makes trimming hair easy and convenient. The Norelco QT4070 Turbo Vacuum Stubble Trimmer features an integrated vacuum system that sucks up hairs to prevent annoying remains in the bathroom sink. The QT4070's blades don't require any maintenance, and the trimmer can be used either with or without a cord. With a stubble setting that lets you achieve an effortless 5 o'clock shadow, the QT4070 also has a stubble comb and a clear view hair chamber. The Norelco QG3270 Multigroom Pro comes with sharp edges for a precise cut and rounded tips to prevent any skin scratches.

Conair makes hair trimming products for both sexes. The Conair Advanced Infiniti System features three blades for shaving, trimming and detailing. It uses Smart Motor Technology to determine hair thickness, automatically changing power settings accordingly. The Infiniti System also has an LCD display containing power settings, battery life, battery charge, and speed. Another Conair trimming product, the 2 in One Trimmer for ladies comes with a wide blade for body hair and a small one for eyebrows as well as two height attachment combs allowing for exact trims. Conair also offers a unisex 2-Blade Trimming System with similar features.

Another brand with products for both men and women, Remington makes trimmers for the chin, mustache, eyebrows and more. The Remington Beard Styler features three titanium-coated trimmer blades for beard, mustache and goatee cutting. It also contains two reversible trimming guide combs so that you can choose from four different length settings. In addition, the Beard Styler kit comes with a cleaning brush, styling comb, charging stand, storage pouch, and scissors. A unisex product, the Remington MPT-3000 Precision Trimmer Detailer has side-oriented blades ideal for hair in difficult places like the nose and feet. The Remington Microflex Shaver has self-sharpening blades and a Pop-Up Trimmer for detailed trimming. Along with three floating heads that follow the shape of your face to provide a smooth, painless shave, the Microflex Shaver features a Hair Collection Chamber and brush for quick cleaning.

When you want to cut hair on any part of the body, hair trimmers make the job fast and convenient. Shop at Sears online for the hair trimmer that suits your needs.