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Get a Gorgeous Complexion with Acne Fighters from Sears

Anti-acne products fight blemishes while preventing new breakouts. At Sears, youl find a wide variety of acne fighters for teens and adults such as cleansers, lotions, spot treatments and more. Look for popular brands like Burt Bees, Clean & Clear and Image Essentials with low Sears prices. makes it easy to locate your ideal skincare products. One option is to browse the items containing salicylic acid. This active ingredient is a plant hormone that helps to dry your skin cells. As the top layer of cells is naturally sloughed away, the salicylic acid neutralizes bacteria found in exposed pores. Youl find salicylic acid in most mainstream acne brands such as Clean & Clear and Image Essentials. Additionally, the Burt Bees brand combines various herbs with a less processed version of salicylic acid that is taken from willow bark.

Another effective anti-acne medication is benzoyl peroxide, which works in a similar way. Sears sells skincare products containing 2.5%-10% benzoyl peroxide. Some brands to look for include Clean & Clear, ProActiv and Stridex. Use care with this potent acne fighter. Like hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl peroxide is a bleaching agent that can lighten your hair, towels and clothing.

Finally, remember to moisturize and protect your skin after applying acne treatments. Since these medications work in part by drying the skin, you might want extra moisturizers to avoid tightness or peeling. You can also look for products that are especially formulated for dry or sensitive skin.

With the right products, you can achieve clear skin and avoid future blemishes. Shop at Sears to get a great skincare regime at the best price.