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Skin Care

Clean and soothe any skin type with quality skin care products

Combat dry skin and an array of other common concerns with the right skin care products. Sears has cleansers, creams and even supplements for maintaining softer, more radiant skin. Create a smooth base for foundation or simply let your natural skin shine through with versatile new skin care accessories.

Enjoy softer skin by routinely using the proper moisturizers and creams for your skin type and nearly any part of the body, from dry elbows to cracked feet. Putting gentle facial moisturizer on just after using a makeup remover or cleanser helps lock in moisture for suppler skin all day long. The right body or facial moisturizer can help you meet important skincare goals like smoothing wrinkles, erasing scars and concealing cellulite. Some moisturizers even contain ingredients intended to soothe the itching caused by eczema and overly dry skin. Pamper yourself daily from head to toe with buttery moisturizers.

Get acne under control with the right acne-fighting products from Sears. Routinely using an acne wash can help reduce the consistency of breakouts and prevent future ones from forming. Rather than relying on heavy moisturizers and creams for softness, try a lighter lotion containing acne-fighting ingredients. Oil-free formulas are ideal for using on oily skin. Once your skin is clean and moisturized, spot-treat any existing acne with soothing medicated gels. Moisten, soothe and more with new skin care products.