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Book Lights Shine Some Light on your Pages

Make it easier to see the pages while reading in bed when you use book lights from Sears. We have a complete selection of handheld and clip-on book lights for use with your books and magazines. The handheld Trademark Tools Lumagny book light includes a 2x magnifying glass for easily reading fine print. Use the Westminster clip-on book light with its flexible neck for adjusting the angle of the light exactly where you want it. Whether you prefer clip-on or handheld lights, find a book light that helps you read better in low light.

If you prefer to read a book on an e-reader, then we also have e-reader lights from LightWedge and Merkury Innovations. Like the Westminster book light, the Merkury Innovations e-reader light has a clip-on base and a flexible neck to adjust the light angle. Our M-Edge Eluminator works with both e-readers and books, and it offers up to 20 hours of light on just one AAA battery. Most e-reader lights feature LED bulbs, which never need replacing and shine super bright light on the pages.

You leave finger smudges on an e-reader display as you swipe through the pages. When you use screen protectors, you not only protect the screen from smudging, but you also prevent scratches and other damage on the screen. Our PC Treasures screen protectors even work on computer tablets, so you protect your glass display while reading an e-book or a web page on your device. We have Valor anti-grease LCD screen protectors that work on iPads and Galaxy Tabs, and you can find anti-glare screen protectors to improve your visibility when viewing your tablet or e-reader at an angle.

With e-readers, you can store hundreds of PDFs and e-books all in one device. As an added bonus, some e-readers have backlights that let you read your books in the dark without the need for an external light. You can also get the Kindle Touch with an e-ink display that mimics the look of a real book. We have ASUS VivoTab RT tablets that feature 10.1-inch displays and 32 gigabytes of internal storage space for your music, videos and e-books. From Amazon Kindles to Android tablets, carry your entire library with you in a portable handheld device.

Use book lights when you want to read your books in bed at night. Invest in an e-reader light for e-readers with e-ink displays, and prevent scratches and glares on your e-reader with a screen protector. Shop Sears online and at the store when you want the largest selection of affordable name brand e-readers and computer tablet accessories for your home.