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Books & Magazines

Lose yourself in a great book or magazine from Sears

When you want to escape your daily routine, there's nothing like a great book or magazine to transport you. Whether you're a fan of mystery, humor or the latest entertainment news, Sears has a wide selection of novels, biographies and magazines you'll love.

While some people have turned to e-readers, for many bookworms, nothing compares to the feel of a book in their hands and the joy of turning each page as the story unfolds. You can gain a new perspective on history, dive into the lives of famous figures or lose yourself in a thriller. We also can help you discover new hobbies or find study aids for students of any age.

If magazines are more your style, select a subscription for the perfect periodical.  Stay on top of the latest in entertainment, technology or health and fitness. Choose home decor options to help you brighten your living space or surprise your little ones with fun and colorful magazines created just for them.

You can make your reading time even more enjoyable with convenient accessories. When you pull a novel off your bookcase, use a portable book light to brighten the pages or give your eyes some assistance with a magnifying glass. When you're preparing a mouth-watering recipe from your favorite cookbook, use a book rest to hold the page open while keeping your hands free for slicing and dicing.

Enjoy a reading getaway no matter where you are. Whether you love new titles, classics or fashion magazines, you'll find your next best read at Sears.