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Add Timeless Sophistication with a Pair of Men's Suspenders from Sears

Though every man's sock drawer used to have a pair or two of men's suspenders in it, suspenders have once again become a bold accessory for fashion-forward dressers. From casual outfits to suits and tuxedos, suspenders from Sears are a functional piece that can make an ordinary wardrobe pop with bursts of vibrant color. Wear them with a tweed jacket or men's sport coat to keep your slacks positioned firmly in place, or simply wear suspenders on display over a collared shirt to add a little something extra to an everyday outfit.

Men's suspenders come in a few different styles and are available in a rainbow of colors. Guys putting style ahead of everything else might find simple vertical suspenders to be the best option, but a pair that crosses in the back and features extra support will do a better job of securing a pair of pants. Whichever style you prefer, your new suspenders are easy to adjust, ensuring that your favorite jeans, slacks or dress pants rest at just the right height. Raise them up a bit to show off a favorite pair of patterned men's socks between your pant cuff and shoe.

Whether for a special occasion or everyday wear, there are few pieces of fashion that say as much about a person as a pair of men's suspenders. Find a pair to make any outfit pop at Sears.