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Start Every Day Off with a Smile with Fun Boys' Underwear for your Little Guy

Whether or not your growing boy has already decided between boxers or briefs, starting the day with a pair of boys' underwear featuring his favorite cartoon characters is sure to bring a smile to his face. Sears has boys' socks, boys' undershirts and underwear for kids of all sizes, providing a cozy layer of support beneath jeans, t-shirts, school uniforms and more. Having enough sets of underwear and socks lets his boys' activewear or sports uniform get a few uses between washings instead of needing to do laundry after every play date or team practice.

Boys' underwear is made to feel comfortable all day long and features elastic waistbands and breathable cotton that provide extra support and can help keep him cool, even underneath a boys' school uniform. Whether he's wearing a button-down and khakis or jeans and a t-shirt, it's important to slip a few pairs of boys' long underwear and thick boys' socks into his dresser drawers for when the weather gets cold. He'll stay warm and comfortable out playing in the snow or sitting in class with long underwear and a plain white undershirt beneath his regular outfit.

Sears has boys' undershirts, boys' socks and underwear in different styles and sizes to fit any growing boy. Find fun boys' underwear that can help take the struggle out of getting your little guy dressed in the morning.