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Stay Healthy Throughout your Pregnancy with the Help of Maternity Activewear

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that you should stop exercising. Sears has maternity activewear for you to workout in. Find tanks, pants and shorts and even support accessories that fit your style and your baby bump. Maternity jackets, activewear tops and tanks come with extra fabric that surrounds your baby bump. Your personal preference comes into play here, where some women enjoy more support, others prefer an almost baggy feeling.

Whether you enjoy loose or tight fitting activewear tops, you may need some extra belly support. Prenatal cradles surround the belly and crisscross over your shoulders and around your back for a complete upper body support system. Girdles or support belts simply go around your stomach to offer specialized support for your baby bump like nursing intimates do for your breasts. This can decrease the amount of stress you put on your back and in some cases, relieve a bit of back pain.

Prenatal yoga is a great way to get in touch with your changing body and ease the mental stress of pregnancy. Sears has activewear pants that match tops like made-to-match maternity coordinates. That way, you have a pulled-together outfit for running errands or for hitting the gym. Find pants yoga pants or comfy velour pants for lounging with a waistband that sits on top of the belly. This makes workout out just a little bit easier so you stay healthy and happy throughout your pregnancy. Sears has tanks, pants and accessories that make getting motivated to go to the gym just a little bit easier.