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  1. Home & Family We will never buy from Sears again. The few dollars you save is not worth the lack of customer service you get. We purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator in 2009. We loved it until it broke down and we lost hundreds of dollars in food. The repair guy came and ordered new condenser. The earliest appointment they had for me was today 09/24/2013 (3.5 weeks later) even though the parts have been here for 3 weeks. We had no choice but to wait, so today the day finally comes and the service man informs me that it may or may not be the right part then leaves. I call the 800# to get more answers and the man says he'll send out another tech within the hour. 2 hours later, no tech, no call from SEARS. I call the 800# and Mike (C.S) says there is nobody coming, that my next appointment is in October (in a "no big deal" tone) We have 3 small kids. We have been without a fridge for almost a month and now they tell us it may be a few more weeks until they figure out the problem. Really??? Unacceptable SEARS, I will never recommend you again and will discourage any friends and family from having to deal with this kind of nightmare.