1. Home & Family When the word associate or moderator appears under your picture doesn't that mean you work for Sears? And if it does then why would a certain associate deny having anything to do with the company?

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  2. Home & Family Why is it when I try and order shoes online - I live in Alaska with mail service, Ups and Fedex service. Sears won't send shoes to S.E. Alaska? They use too. We are still part of the United States. Where I live is only 600 miles north of Seattle Washington, so it's not out in the wild west.

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  3. Home & Family JoeCrowthers that had your basement flooded. Go to your ? on October 1, 2012 you'll find the exchange interesting. I tried to point why customers are unhappy anyone else have the same problem?

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  4. Home & Family what happen to the discussion posts that everyone was using. I can't find it anywhere! Alaskanbikelady

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