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  1. Home & Family ANOTHER NIGHTMARE AT SEARS - We fixed the problem by calling the corporate office. At least someone there was willing to help after going through a number of different people. But through this nightmare we went in to another equally frustrating Sears nightmare. A man named Mike said he would send my wife a $50 gift card for her troubles. My wife has been sick for a number of years and ended up in the hospital ICU for a week. When she was released, the hospital had lost her clothing, receiving the gift card in an email we brought the printed out gift card to the store so she could replace her lost clothing. AFTER OVER AND HOUR AND MORE THAN 6 PEOPLE, INCLUDING A STORE MANAGER we were told the card was no good and they couldn't get it to work. And this was suppose to be from the corporate office. Made to feel like a criminal and wasting over an hour we will never shop at a Sears again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Home & Family What is so hard about giving good customer service? A month ago our plasma TV started to go bad. A service came out and said it would take 3 weeks to order a new screen ($1800 dollar screen). After 3 weeks the new screen did not fix the problem, so now we can get a NEW tv. Great! Problem is Sears will only allow $950 for a new tv, after spending $1800 plus 300 on labor. New tv is installed but is damaged. We were promised a replacement but now no one is willing to replace the NEW damaged tv. Tried to call the number the installer gave us but get repeated hangs ups and NO CALL BACKS. What is a number that someone will acutally help?