1. Home & Family I hope SHC-FredM sees my question...... I have a Kitchenaid Dishwasher kuds30ixss, It will turn on, but does not stay set at the same cycle mode from the previous wash, it will let me choose the cycle I want, I press start and it starts to work, I hear it filling with water or something, then it makes a humming sound that lasts about one second, it does this four times, then starts to drain and then shut down. No matter what seting I use, it does the same thing. I also tried turning the breaker off to the dishwasher, hoping to reset the computer, but it continues to do the same thing. Do you think this is the computer control board that needs replacement? The part is 200$ and I don't want to order it unless I feel like it is definitely the problem. I think it is more than two years old, I don't remember for sure when we got it. I am hoping to do the repair myself. Thank you for any help or suggestions.