About Barb_Gonzalez

I’ve always felt that electronics were magic. The way that ones and zeros become everything from pictures on a computer or TV screen, to beautiful music, to words on a page ... It has an air of magic to me. And like any good magic trick, I’ve always wanted to know how it’s done—that is, how electronics work. Perhaps it’s this sense of wonder that makes it easy for me to break down technology and simplify it for people who say they don’t have a technical bone in their body. From the time I built a computer in the 1980s, I have become excited to learn about all the ways technology can make my life easier. Whether it’s for entertainment like watching Netflix, or seeing my favorite TV show online while in a foreign country, getting turn-by-turn directions to the cheapest gas station, having a camera compose a portrait, saving a list of my favorite oldies songs, or using a touchscreen PC, I use the devices to learn how to do it and pass the tips on to my readers.

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