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  1. Home & Family To Whom It May Concern: My name is Rebecca. I am a long time customer of Sears, and love Sears. However, I am currently not too fond of how I have been treated in the past few days by Sears employees. First, I called and spoke to Brian from Warranty Sales on Saturday, Sept 21, 2013, and he informed me that I would have a technician come out to the house, and take a look at the TV, and confirm repair or replacement. Brian informed me I have a Master Protection Agreement, stating that if the technician could not repair the TV, the tech would submit for a replacement. I explained the damage of a broken screen, and Brian stated it was covered and if not repairable it would be replaced. So now, Tuesday, September 24th, the technician called me, asked me what happened to the TV, and I stated that I wasn't home but there is now a crack on my screen. Instantly, the technician #27441 stated that there was nothing he could do, "I would just have to buy a new TV". I was completely depressed because the tech didn't even come out and check out the TV. He stated "he didn't want to have to charge me $90.00 to come out and look at it. I've been on the phone since 1:28pm today, with the tech, the warranty administrator, and then the product advocacy team. I am a nursing student, I don't have the time or money to be wasting on the "hog wash" I have encountered. I have to study, and cannot afford a new TV. I paid for a Master Protection plan, I would appreciate the money I spent to be put to use. There is no accountability or proper training, I don't feel as though I, the customer, should be the one suffering, and without a TV, because of poor training, and miscommunication. Someone needs to be held accountable, and me, the customer, should be compensated for my troubles. I thank you in advance for your time regarding this matter. I look forward to hearing from someone soon, Thank you, Rebecca