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  1. Outdoors We bought a new Kenmore bbq grill in July 2012. We also purchased the Sears Protection Plan. We went to start the grill the other day and it would not ignite. I called the 800# on 7/6/13 to schedule repair service and was told that someone would need to call me back. On 7/10/13 I received a message saying that the earliest someone would be here to look at my grill was on 8/1/13. That's 26 days to get a grill under 1 year old and under warranty and Sears Protection Plan serviced. I called back and was told that there is only one technician in the area that works on grills. Really? One person for Long Island in the summer to work on grills? When I called the 800# number back and asked to speak with a supervisor, I was put on hold for 45 minutes and finally hung up. Clearly, no one was going to pick up the line. I find it totally unacceptable that it would take 4 days to schedule a call to tell me it would take another 26 days to have a service call. Any suggestions?