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  1. Home & Family Why does Sears customer services SUCKS!!!!!!

    Because Sears Roebuck and Company (the one we grew up with and trusted) is no more. It is now K-mart "upscale"
  2. Home & Family Customer service & gift card

    They will promise a gift card, but then they may or may not send it. Typical Sears, rather than doing the right thing they will tell you how sorry they are, and do nothing to solve the problem
  3. Home & Family I had an extremely frustrating experience with the delivery of my Frigidaire Refrigerator. I purchased the refrigerator on February 10th and delivery was scheduled for February 25th. When the delivery/installation team arrived, they were very rude with regard to getting the refrigerator into the house. They claimed that it was never going to fit, however the refrigerator they removed was larger dimensionally than the new one. Upon getting the new unit in, after scratching my walls on the way they proceeded to tell me that all the hardware was not with the refrigerator. They commenced to remove screws that were holding the skin on the box to use elsewhere, claiming that these were only aesthetics. When they tried to install the handles, the screws would not go in and the installer proceeded to force the screws by pounding and increasing torque on the power driver. The unit was now missing hardware and damaged by the treatment from the installer. They said I could keep the unit until a new one could be delivered but that I would need to sign the paperwork anyway. I refuse to accept a unit that not only had missing hardware but was completely damaged by the lack of care exhibited by the installer. I requested that they remove the unit and leave my premises. The one technician became very irate and demanding that I keep the unit. I requested that they reconnect my old unit but he cut the electric cord on it prior to ensuring that the new unit was complete and in working order. The installer proceeded to argue that the damage to my walls was not their responsibility and that he did not want that stated in any complaints. When speaking to customer service on the phone the best delivery they could give me was February 28th, which unfortunately was the one day I could not take off from work. So the next available day is Sunday March 1st. This is truly unacceptable customer service. I have had to figure out alternative methods of not losing food items that were in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, there have been substantial casualties due to the lack of care from installers that were obviously not trained properly and ill prepared to handle the job along with a customer service department that feels that a household can live without a refrigerator for a week. All the duress that my family has been put through because of the lack of customer care on the part of Sears is unacceptable. We paid good money for a refrigerator and we should not have to be exposed harassment and coercion by the delivery team and a pathetic response by customer service. I would like to hear from the CEO or someone with substantial authority to understand if they believe this to be proper operating procedures.

    Sears will be very sorry, and will assign a case manager who will offer you a small gift card to supposedly satisfy you. The damage claim will be assigned to their insurance company, who will deny and…
  4. Home & Family purchased new refrigerator 02/20/14 has not worked since..am getting run around by service dept..schedule 6 days before can come out.....WHY SINCE THIS IS BRANDE NEW..SHOULDNT THIS BE A PRIORITY???? AND DOING WITHOUT A REFRIGERATOR SINCE FEB 20TH AND NOW 6 MORE DAYS?

    I would insist that they come and take the defective refrigerator back. You (or your family) paid for a new working item, not a rebuilt or refurbished one. Send it back for a refund, and buy from …
  5. Home & Family Is there an employee at Sears authorized to correct this issue?

    If you do not get a prompt refund, file a dispute of the charges. Sears does not own the credit cards, they are through Citibank.
  6. Home & Family I have contacted 4 diffent people on trying to get my W2 and I just get passed on. All I want is my W2 from 2013 . If (I don't gett it I guess I will contact the IRS. Donna Woodarc

    Contact the IRS and file a complaint. That will get Sears to do what they are supposed to do, and you will not have to beg for your paperwork.
  7. Outdoors Last evening the ground drive belt for my Craftsman Tractor broke. I do not blame Sears or anyone for that. In ordering a replacement belt the Sears Online parts order system would not allow me to select either Priority or Expedited Shipping. I need this belt now because I use this tractor for snow removal. Both Parts Direct and Customer employees did their jobs as I am sure they were trained, they read the scripts off their computers. I NEED THIS BELT NOW NOT IN EIGHT DAYS. THE US POSTAL SERVICE, UPS, FEDEX AND ALL WOULD BE DELIGHTED GO TO YOUR DC AND GET MY BELT TO ME TOMORROW AND I WILL BE ABLE TO CLEAR MY DRIVEWAY. WHY IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO USE OTHER CARRIERS TO MOVE EXPEDITED PARTS. WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE SEARS GETS AN F.

    A customer needs an item, and is willing to pay the cost of overnight shipping. A 3 day wait is not great to that customer, not getting what they need when they need it is, to them, a total failure of…

    Did you pay using a credit card, or a debit card with a credit card logo? If so, call your credit card company or bank and dispute the charges.
  9. Saving Money Just read on MSN news that Sears is in deep financial do-do. NO KIDDING, the way they do buisness, who is surprised??? Who runs this idiot manned company anyway?? Why can I NOT pay my SEARS card or Sears city bank card @ a Sears store with my debit card??? But I can pay those same bills @ a KMART????? Rediculous. # 1 rule in buisness is TAKE THE MONEY ANY LEGAL WAY YOU CAN...... About 9 months ago, we went to Sears "scratch & dent" in Monroeville, Pa. to purchase a refrigerator. Found one we liked ($1,849.00), It was too big to fit into our house with the refrigerator doors on. The sales lady told us the the delivery guys can't remove the doors due to wires and water lines????? This unit had water, ice cubes and crushed ice in the door. Left there, went to Lowe's and found a Frigidair brand, just beautiful. All the same features >>> Ice, cubes/crushed + water and area light in the door. LED internal lighting, wheels for easy moving, best of everything. It was still too big but was told "removing the doors was no problem at all. I saved over $700.00, delivered the next day, old unit hauled away,,, WE WERE EXTREMELY SATISFIED WITH LOWE'S.... Speaking of Lowe's,,, about 2 years ago I went to Sears @ Century 3 Mall in West Mifflin, Pa. I needed 7 each of refrigerators, stoves & dishwashers for my son's apartment building. The salesman said "I'll be glad to help you, I'll be right back" Waited 20-30 minutes and NEVER saw him again. Went to Lowe's and was IMMEDIATLY taken care of. WAKE UP SEARS,, you lost over 3 billion in 2010 - over 900 million in 2011 and over 1 billion in the first 3 quarters of 2013???????? Remember this " Sears NEEDs consumers, consumers don't need Sears".

    It seems that the goal is to milk the company for anything they can get, sell it off in pieces, and sell the real estate. I miss Sears Roebuck and Co, but this version of Sears is going the way of…
  10. Home & Family I had a washing machine delivery schedule for between 10-12am on 2/13. I received 3 reminders from Sear regarding this delivery. At 9am, your driver, Joel Garcia called my house and my young daughter answered the phone. He asked for her parents and she said they would be right back because they ran into town to do something about the washing machine (this was incorrect, we were going for food because of an upcoming storm). Anyway, he immediately cancelled the order based on this conversation and when we returned at 9:30am he would not return our call regarding the delivery. He answered once and then hung up. Later at 10am I was able to talk to the drivers' manager, a Bill McLellan who explained that he was now out of the area and couldn't come back. Upon my pleading, he said he would try to get him to come back. He never called back.. Is this legendary customer service or what?

    If you paid with a credit card, call Sears and tell them to keep the machine. Then call your credit card company and dispute the charges. Sears did not deliver as agreed, and treated you with disrespe…
  11. Home & Family the-oven-racks-in-kenmore-elite-model-79031043302-fall-down-and-have-caused-burns/

    In other words the customer should pay for the poor design and materials used in the Sears branded product, because Sears is not willing to stand behind their brand. Why not tell the customer the …
  12. Home & Family I have asked repeatedly several different locations of Sears to give me the name and contact information for the District or Regional Manager for Maryland. I was told they would not give me this information. I don't understand this. Is it a national security issue?

    Apparently from the comments here, there are many customers who are not satisfied with the "we are very sorry and want to help" response and would rather deal with someone with the actual authority to…
  13. Home & Family Fool me once, shame on you

    If a credit is not immediately forthcoming, file a dispute with your credit card company. That will get your account credited more quickly than Sears will do it
  14. Saving Money BEWARE: Shop your way rewards totals displayed at checkout are "estimates" and are off by as much as 36%

    If you have the receipt showing the points, small claims court may be a very valid option.
  15. Home & Family Can someone please help me address service issue after service issue in the repair (under warranty) of my dishwasher? This is the second problem (same type) that I've had with this dishwasher. And, yet I cannot get a service technician to show up within my appointment windows (missed 2 appt windows that were scheduled). Everytime I call to ask why they didn't show on time, I'm told "sorry but we'll reschedule and our next appointment is in a week". This is unacceptable and poor service - poor quality dishwasher, technicians who don't care about appointment windows and service personnel who don't care about wasting your time

    If The appointment is not kept as promised, the customer should not only get a call, they should get priority rescheduling at their convenience (be it an evening or weekend service call) so that Sears…
  16. Home & Family what is the email address of the Sears CEO?

    He knows. He is only concerned about the stock price and the value of the real estate. Customer service has not mattered since fast Eddie turned Sears into K-mart "upscale"
  17. Home & Family Tool shipped without proper packaging!

    Sears created a shipping label on 12/31/13 but did not actually ship the item until 1/7/14 I would not trust this tool after the obvious abuse that it has taken, Sears needs to A. Refund the c…
  18. Home & Family Who can help resolve a delivery issue when the customer care center staff are ineffective (to be kind)?

    Sears will be very sorry. They will apologize multiple times. They may even offer you a $25 gift card to compensate you for your lost time (which shows what they think about the value of the customers…
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