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  1. Liked this: Saving Money I ordered a gun safe 600+ dollars and received a flimsy cabinet 150 tops. Called sears customer service who had me contact market place vendor. Here is their "business" response. Needless to say, it's beyond getting my money back at this point. Shame on Sears for endorsing such a company. I've been with Sears 20+ years. I will be filing a very detailed Presidential complaint. On Jan 22, 2014, at 3:05 PM, admin@oneclickllc.com wrote: Jason, To inform you we will not answer anymore communication with this customer as what we have told them is not sinking in, time and time again. This customer seems to think they are in control. See conversation below for specifics!!! This one is as far out in left field as they come. Take all legal action necessary as this customer is severely confused on the law of purchasing online not understanding company policies apply when order is submitted. This customer seems to think her order was not sent when we have supporting documentation showing it was. Order was fulfilled and possibly wrong item was sent as you know happens time to time we are all human well not this customer. Customer fails to understand you can't cancel a order once you receive the item sounds very much like a Scam to us. If they were not trying to Scam us they would have done what every other customer does and returned item and received a refund. Proceed with full guidelines of the law. Again remember everyone is a attorney when it is convenient. haha Enjoy :)

    Seriously? Hahaha! Who was the vendor? Trying to scare you with the LAW! Haha, I don't think this vendor read the contract when they signed up to sell on Sears. Let us know what happens, we enjoy the …
  2. Liked this: Home & Family Fool me once, shame on you

    Sears, your customer service is a colossal failure. I received this email from Vern today: Good Afternoon, My name is Vern and I am a case manager on the case management team at searsoutlet.com.…
  3. Liked this: Outdoors my snow blower attachment 486.248371 auger belt shakes when engaged and after a while comes of the back pulley. Using belt 47846 chain is pulled through and pinned on the end of spring. Did not do last year Shakes whole machine.

    The pulley should not wobble. From the description you give I suspect the bearing is the problem. There are 2 741-0919 bearings. I would suggest both be replace. Both bearings are the same part.
  4. Liked this: Home & Family Very Poor Service, no help provided, called 877-331-3667 and asked twice for a supervisor to call me back; however, no one did.

    There is a Facebook page called Make Sears Care, a phone number on that page might help. 847-286-2500 - tell them you want to file an “Executive Complaint.” Good luck!
  5. Liked this: Home & Family Bought Kenmore elite washer and dryer on Thanksgiving night 2013. Units were delivered 1 1/2 weeks later, washer had two dents in front and dryer had two dents in top, they delivered more three days later. Washer drips water in tub every 30 sec., waited till after holidays to call for service, took 2 1/2 weeks to get appoinment. Service writer took cell phone number so tech could call me when he was in route so I could be at the house when he arrived. Orginal service writer told me appointment would be at 4 pm, an e-mail a day later said the time window would be between 1 and 5 pm. After not receiving a cell call by 3 pm I went home from work, arriving at 3:20 and found a note on the door stating tech had been there at 2:58. Called Service dept. and they stated I would have to make new appointmet, this was not satisfactory as to my Boss is tired of letting me off because of this washer and dryer and I and tired of loosing pay because of it. Gave up and counciled all appoinments and called the store Manager where I bought the units and he said he would get a new washer out in two days, we'll see, hope it happens. Buyer beware, this has really been a hassel and it is not over yet. Been a loyal customer of Sears since 1973 but things have changed with there service end apperently, hope the mananger does wht he says. Rodney E. Grimes

    Yes, the store manager took care of my problems. I hope and pray that I do not ever have to call for warranty service again, all you can get when you call is foreigners and they are very hard to under…
  6. Liked this: Home & Family v Unhappy with our current service! We have a broken dryer that we requested a technician to come repair. Three days later the technician came, messed around with the dryer, said he found the problem, "fixed it" charged us and left without even verifying that the dryer worked. After he left we quickly moved the dryer back to plug it in and sure enough it was still not working. I had to run down and flag the technician as he was driving off to tell him that the dryer was not fixed. The technician came back to fix it, going back and forth between the house and the truck and taking several smoking breaks in between. After about an hour he said he had supposedly found the issue and needed to order the part. This was on a Friday 1/10/14. He said that he would put in an emergency request to have the part shipped as soon as possible and be back on Wednesday 1/15/14 to install the part. Yesterday, 1/13/14 we got an email from Sears saying our appointment is scheduled for 1/24/14, 2 weeks after out first appt!! The promise the technician made to submit "an emergency request'" was a complete lie. When we called Sears they said the part wasn't ordered until 1/13/14, three days after the technician was at our house! I'm not sure by which standards this would be considered an emergency request, but if a technician promises to be at your house a specific day, then he should be there. Upon calling sears we were transferred to several different people who were very unhelpful in answering our questions and explaining why we had to wait so long to get someone back out to fix our dryer. One rep said that the emergency request was submitted, another rep said that there is no such thing as an emergency request and that there was nothing that she could do. This is just unacceptable. Commitments made by a technician or whoever should be respected. We shouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks to get someone to fix our dryer. We paid for over $200 dollars for service or lack there of that totally sucks! I will be asking for a refund of all our money and I will never do service with Sears again.

    It is standard operating procedure for sears is to wait forever to get service to their customers. I called another repairman, got it fixed before Sears ever got me on their schedule. Screw the warran…
  7. Liked this: Home & Family Where are the employee's who believes in One call Resolution & actually follow through?

    They never respond to my email, and I responded to this
  8. Liked this: Home & Family How can you make a complaint about sears-repair

    Hope your situation turns out better than mine. I had an escalation number too.
  9. Liked this: Home & Family How can you make a complaint about sears-repair

    I live in between you both, Sears is no better here.I have to say - when my kenmore dryer needs repair, I don't care if it's under warranty or not, I will not call Sears. I'm betting it will be cheap…
  10. Liked this: Food & Cooking I had light bulbs burning nonstop in my Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator. I called Sears two days ago and was told that it would take 7 to 10 business days for the part to come in. I wonder what part they were referring to as the entire ubulb unit has been burned. NOW my refrigerator is not cold enough. I am quite disgusted and unhappy to have a refrigerator that is no longer keepin food cold enough and hav a medication that must be refrigerated. I got no notice of a recall and am quite displeased. I found out about the recall when I posted a picture of the burned interior where the bulb had beeen, on Facebook and was told that there was a recall. 7 to 10 business days in inappropriate.

    Can you take the bulb out? Forget the BBB, they won't help.
  11. Liked this: Home & Family Where are the employee's who believes in One call Resolution & actually follow through?

    Thank you & I too will follow up with Customer solutions this evening to see if anything has been done. I want those parts re-ordered ASAP, I also want to make sure new appt is scheduled correctly…
  12. Liked this: Home & Family How can you make a complaint about sears-repair

    I just called sears escalations to see if they will be proactive & order the parts needed. They gave me case # 2072759. Let's see if there proactive or just another sham to get customers off the p…
  13. Liked this: Home & Family How can you make a complaint about sears-repair

    You may live across the country, but your experience is no different than mine. You can read my experience about 2 calls that they didn't keep and didn't notify me. Yes, you are absolutely correct…
  14. Liked this: Home & Family Tool Warranty/Replacement

    This is intended as a clarification and addendum to my original comments. That I am dissatisfied with these wrenches has nothing to do with them being "Made in China." The fit and finish on these ne…
  15. Liked this: Home & Family Tool Warranty/Replacement

    Thank you, Brian R. for your reply, but I'm not sure what can be said that's not already been thoroughly beaten into the ground. We could talk in the same tight little circles as I've been doing for …
  16. Liked this: Home & Family Dissatisfaction with the customer service and management in furnace repair

    The Federal Trade Commission says this "In addition, many credit card issuers have policies against merchants charging a credit card account before shipment. If you think a merchant charged your acc…
  17. Liked this: Home & Family Dissatisfaction with the customer service and management in furnace repair

    Get ahold of the Federal Trade Commission, file a complaint with them. Don't bother with the BBB, they rated SEars with a "B" even though they have 1000's of complaints on file. I guess companies can …
  18. Liked this: Saving Money Please provide the email address of Mr. Lambert, CEO Sears.

    How will they contact me? I haven't been contacted yet.
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