1. Saving Money Thanksgiving and Black Friday Holiday Hours and Deals!

    Shop Black Friday? Heck no. I'm not crazy. Also, I'm too busy working! :)
  2. Home & Family How can Sears convince me of buying my appliances there after the treatment I received there yesterday?

    Seems a bit premature to make that assessment based on this post, as there isn't any information as to what the nature of the required repair was nor the condition of the product. Perhaps in one's zea…
  3. Home & Family Delivery for 245 today it is 600 pm where are they?

    Have you tried calling the delivery department (800 732 7747)?
  4. Saving Money I have 3900 bonus points-how much it this worth?

    Every 1000 points is worth $1. You have $3.90 in points right now.
  5. Home & Family How do I cancel an order of appliances?

    Was this order made through a Sears store? If so, contact the store. They can process a cancellation for you. If it was purchased online, call 800 349 4358 (Sears.com customer support) to cancel the o…
  6. Home & Family I started working at sears sat. the 24 of aug. at 10 a.m. within an hr. of being there I noticed a shop lifter. I went to the office and reported it. Later that day i reported another one. Both times nothing was done. The following sat. the 31st at 10:05 a.m I noticed two young white males taking parts out of a gear puller set. I went to the office and reported it. On my way back to the auto center I saw a lady putting a set of wrenches in her bag she was holding and turned around and reported it. On my way back from reporting that noticed a lady with 7 or 8 pieces of clothing on hangers walk out the door and get in a blue car and drive away. The same day a lady that works at the store gave a oil change to one of her friends free. also one of the mech. give a discount to one of his friends and reported them to the store manager. the following monday my manager called me to the side and told me to stop doing that and look the other way because if I did it again I would be probably be fired. Today I called my manager and told him one of the guys in the shop had been gone for 1 hr and 45 min. he said I'll be up there in a little while and take care of it. When he got there I was called into the office and was fired. I thought I was doing the right thing but I guess I was doing the wrong thing. Appaently took it as I was telling them how to do their job when I said you need to get someone back there their stealing you blind.I was always there early worked over when ask to and did everything ask of me except look the other way as was told I was let go for the good of the team. Does anyone think this is wrong besides me???

    Talk to HR.
  7. Home & Family I bought extended warranty for my tv and can't find paperwork

    If you need repair service, or aren't sure if the TV is still covered, simply call 800 4 MY HOME (469 4663), and their database will have the date of purchase and all information related to manufactur…
  8. Home & Family I recently bought a new phone from Sears and it quit working within a week or so. I don't have my receipt anymore, so was hoping you could send me one for me to return?

    If you're a member of Shop Your Way Rewards, you don't need your receipt. Bring it to any Sears store and they can look up the transaction in the register through your SYWR account.
  9. Home & Family I purchased a washer and dryer online on the 2nd of sept for the price of $1500 they were a Kenmore elite set. We had some personal family issues and had to cancel the dryer when I spoke to the lady that for one could not speak English it was stated that she could not cancel just one. So she had to cancel the whole order. We tried to order just the washer but had no luck because the $1500 return was still not back in the account. My wife contacted again today and tried to get something done with this while they were on sale another women that could not speak English got on the phone was no help. We asked could we just go to the store and swipe our card or talk to someone to speed up the refund process. The lady stated no they are two systems and don’t work together. So we asked so you are unwilling to work with us to get this fixed you are going to lose $1500. The lady stated we are a very large corporation and can afford $1500. I understand that Sears/Kmart is a large corporation but if you keep having the same mind set of well it is only 15 here 30 there it is going to add up. Me personally I have to say I do a lot of shopping a Kmart and sears I am really reconsidering it. It may only be 1500 for your corporation but a for an Active Duty Service Member, Father of 4 Boys, husband and youth sports coach it is a lot. As any business you have to make a profit and I hope that you have great success but with the current customer service I do not see that happening.

    Generally, credit cards take 5-10 business days for the funds to return to the account. The banks between the store and the credit card run the return through all kinds of fraud checks between the tim…
  10. Home & Family does lease to own only apply to in stock merchandise

    That's not quite correct, Wendy. A lease can be had on select merchandise that is at the store (most of the "hardlines" merchandise, like appliances, lawn & garden equipment, televisions, etc.) OR…
  11. Home & Family What Favorite TV Brand Do You Like?

    Samsung. Sony. Panasonic. Toshiba. Those are the brands I'd recommend checking out, in order of priority, for LED televisions. If it's plasma you're after (has to be greater than 42" screen), check ou…
  12. Home & Family We have a ken more elite washer that just makes a buzzing noise when you turn it on. It is only a little over a year old. We need to decide if it is worth repairing

    When you say "turn it on," do you mean when you press the Power button, or when you begin a cycle by pressing the Start/Pause button?
  13. Home & Family How do I check the status of my protection plan

    You can call 800 4 MY HOME (469 4663). They have all the information about items you own that were purchased at Sears, when they were purchased, and if they're still covered by manufacturer warranties…
  14. Home & Family how can I access my Sears employee e-mail? A few years ago, Sears changed e-mail servers/providers and I lost access my e-mail account.

    Kolab e-mail is only accessible from the store's network via iPad or terminal at the store while you're clocked in for work. If you're a sales associate, you can login to Kolab using your username and…
  15. Home & Family I have an elite front load washer. It has started leaking out the front at the bottom of the door. It is 10 years old. Thoughts?

    How does that receive 67 thumbs downs? Methinks there's some trolling afoot. :( I'm with you. I wouldn't generally recommend people try replacing the boot on their own, especially as the ring can b…
  16. Home & Family My Kenmore Elite Ultraclean dishwasher 665.1278 lites the lock light every time I push a button. Brand new and used once. What can I do?

    As the controls on this model are a solid surface panel, rather than a plastic membrane with contacts beneath it, I think there's no way for any buttons to be stuck, as there aren't actually buttons a…
  17. Home & Family I had gas range and gas dryer delivered. We have propane on-site. Did the delivery team install the propane conversion kit ?

    Generally, propane conversion kits are not installable by delivery teams, and must be installed by a licensed plumber or, more often, the propane company.
  18. Home & Family I have an elite front load washer. It has started leaking out the front at the bottom of the door. It is 10 years old. Thoughts?

    Could you provide the full model number of the washer? ###.####### is the usual format. The first three numbers should be either 110 or 417.
  19. Home & Family My new Sears Elite range was delivered and installed a week ago. Soon after the installer left I discovered that the metal Sears Elite logo attached to range door was upside down. I called Sears service department today and was told Sears would not rearrange the logo because there is no malfunction. This is premium product for which a paid a premium price. They said that Sears could send a technician to rearrange the logo but I would have to pay 75 dollars. They implied that my claim was frivolous and suggested that I called Electrolux because they actually manufactured my range. Your service department is appalling.Can you help me fix that issue under warranty?

    Manufacturer's warranties generally do not cover cosmetic defects. If there were a functional failure, the manufacturer's standard limited 1 year warranty would cover that. Cosmetic defects are covere…
  20. Home & Family We are loyal Sears customers - always go there first, and usually make major (and lots of minor) purchases there. Appliances to date: 3 refrigerators, 2 washer/dryer combos, 2 ranges, 1 washer, 1 dryer, 3-4 house vacs, 3 shop vacs, 1 a/c.. Anyway, last week, needed a new washer and dryer. This experience was not what we expected. We were so disappointed. We ordered a top load washer; the confirmation email said "your front-load.. Is being delivered tomorrow .." And it got worse from there. We always order delivery with installation: they have the expertise and the manpower, so why risk damage to the heavy appliance and injury to ourselves? But this time, they didn't install the leveling legs to the dryer, or the water line for the "steam" cycle.. We're supposed to do that? Disconnect the dryer, turn it on its side (they say it takes two people), and put them in? Hopefully connecting the water line is easy. So what installation, exactly, did we pay for? And we paid for "haul away" of the old unit too but they didn't have room in the truck so they're coming back, supposedly, on Sunday. I really hope they do. It's sad when you want a company to succeed and they just don't seem to be doing very well. Did I mention that we had to pick a different brand of washer because (supposedly) "Maytag doesn't make a top loader anymore"? I don't think I believe that but they wouldn't be liars, too, would they?

    Maytag's top-load washers are transitioning to new models, and are currently unavailable at most stores, while the previous models have pretty much sold out completely. It's pretty common in the appli…
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