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  1. Saving Money Can you please tell me why I have not been refunded for order # 000498544338, This order was placed online for me by a seles rep in the store 1 month ago on 5-28-13 and cancelled by Sears the next day by email with no explaination given. I paid for this in full in the store. I called to replace the order and had to pay again. I have called every week for the past month and keep getting told that and they are so sorryI will get my refund in 8-10 days. I don't want to hear that anymore I paid immediately TWICE! I expect an immediate payment in turn. Why is Sears asking more of thier customers than they are willing to do?

    Update on refund. I received my refund by mail after reaching out to the Customer Care moderator/caseworker that responded to this post. Thank you, not only for backtracking through my purchase histor…