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  1. Food & Cooking The oven racks in Kenmore Elite (Model 790.31043302) Fall Down and have caused burns?

    This same problem happened to me with double wall ovens which had been in my house for 13 months. Sears repairman told me it would cost me $400 per oven to replace the walls which are made out of poo…
  2. Home & Family The racks in my less than one year old kenmore elite oven are falling very easily. Is it under warranty? how can I fix it. My wife and I are very annoyed because this is very dangerous and we have a 6 year old.

    My double wall oven has falling racks in both ovens...6 months out of warranty. After a major run-around and lack of concern, I am told I have no recourse but to pay $900 to replace side walls. Defi…