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  1. Home & Family how much profit is enough ? seriously, I bought a Kenmore 12K btu AC from sears for 270 $ on sale ,,,, now you are selling it on "sale" for 350 $ with a "regular price of 420 $ ... how much do you need to make off people to stay in business ? I'd bet if you run a business correctly none of that would be needed , but that is what happens when kmart buys you out I guess .... the sad thing is that a couple years ago I suggested on here that sears bring back "Sales" on ACs (because you had not had one in a long time as some genius chose ACs to be listed at a "everday low price" and you listened to me, you brought back the sales but you jacked the normal price and as you can see your sales are like a roller coaster .... this kind of stuff really ****** off the people who are smart enough to understand the way companies work their shifty scams I mean sales...