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  1. Food & Cooking I want to issue a formal complaint against Sears for a repair needed on my LG Refrigerator. The entire untit, including freezer, stopped cooling and freezing. I lost over 200.00 dollars in frozen food I had to throw away. The next service appt was two weeks out. The part was to be under warranty. When the repair tech came out, he said he had the part on the truck but was not trained in how to install it! He had to make a second appt. for a month away! I asked him to keep the part and give it to the next repairman to come. The tech quoted me 175.00 in labor to replace the dye drier just to problem could be diagnosed. I tried to get another repair service to come out but they said they would not touch an LG fridge, since they were nothing but trouble and parts were impossible to get. I told the Sear repairman I would not pay any more than 175.00 for the entire repair since I could get a used fridge for that. When the second repairman came out, he didn't have the part! He told me the repair for just the diagnosing device would be 300.00! I told him I wouldn't pay that, since I was quoted $175.00. We scheduled another appt., this time two weeks out. Meanwhile, the fridge had a leak overnight that resulted in a lake of water on the kitchen floor. I originally paid 1800.00 for the appliance and expected it to work better than that for the money I paid. It has been 2 months since I have had a working fridge/freezer and the daily trips to the store to buy the day's groceries have cost me in gas and time. I keep getting email ads from Sears telling me to buy a new refrigerator. I believe this is simply a crooked way for Sears to get me to break down and buy a new appliance. I want Sears to fix this refrigerator for no further cost to me or I will take this to the Better Business bureau and to small claims court. I would like a response today.