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  1. Home & Family To Whom it may concern, On November 10, we placed a phone call to you because after several errors on your part, we finally got our refridgerator fixed. However, when the guy originally came by on November 1, he thought that what was wrong was our compressor and he charged us for that as well as labor and the invertor box, for a total of $774.50, we paid the difference that day of $274.50, which was above the $500 our warranty covered. After MANY rescheduled days to get it fixed, (because you all had no idea where the parts were) we finally got a guy out on November 8. On this day he looked at the refridgerator and determined that it was not the compressor but only the invertor box. He installed that and realized during the installation that we had a problem with our icemaker and fixed that as well as a line to the icemaker. This service along with installation fees and parts ran 637.50. This was for the invertor box, the icemaker and the line to the icemaker as well as the installation. If we were to pay the difference on this day of the $637.50 minus the $500 warranty coverage, we would only owe you $137.50!!! You have overcharged us, because you collected $274.50 on the first day for service you DID NOT PROVIDE!!!!!! You owe us $137.00 and someone needs to reimburse us this. We have waited very patiently. Each time you all say that someone will contact us within 24 hours, but that does not happen. I would like a response to this email within 48 hours, all I want is my money that is owed to me and I would appreciate it if someone would address it. I have attached copies of both receipts for you to see what the servicemen charged us. christy