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  1. Home & Family I just ordered multiple refrigerators online at Sears Outlet (I'm a loyal customer and have received over 80% off before). I received confirmations on four of my purchase. Three for pickup (I wanted to install today) and one for delivery. I had rented a truck to get my orders for pick up and luckily checked my email an hour plus later I received a cancellation on one of my other orders. I called regarding the cancellation and was told was out of stock. I had found that odd in that the store actually called me to confirm my order ( I had orded two there). It turns out that was a lie. There was a problem with the pricing. My concern is that I followed the process. The order was accepted, then I was told order details were being verified and then I received a confirmation ( this was a two hour process). I waited until confirmation to get my management company moving, tenants to remove items, rent truck, etc.. I have now been told that other orders have also been cancelled ( I called and asked Sears). I'm lucky I stopped some of the activity, but am concerned that no one called. I already have my time and expense as well as my mgt company and tenants upset. I'm not sure what has been cancelled and what hasn't. The call center told me to "send and email". I've driven over 200 miles to pick up an item before. I'm glad this time everything is within 25 miles but I'm still upset they would do this to a good customer. (I've bought refrigerators, ovens, d/w, etc) as I have numerous properties and had good luck up until today. My question is "What the heck?" How do I find what's valid, what's not, and how do I get I get my refrigerators? The call center was not much help other than "tough".