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  1. Home & Family How does sears intend to stay in buisness treating their customers this way? I am at a point where I am taking legal action against sears and it seem they dont care no one will speak with me? I have left 7 messages for Isaac Deida and never a phone call! I dont get it

    Im am a lawyer myself, Ive learned that its better to negotiate in before seeking legal action. I want someone to speak to me instead of brushing me off for 6mts. I would like to resolve the matter …
  2. Home & Family COMPLAINT

    Does anyone believer I have not been able to speak to anyone about my issue? You guys are unbelievable ......
  3. Home & Family COMPLAINT

    I have called Isaac Deida seven (7) times and I have not received a phone call. I have called left a message for a manager to return my call. Nothing. I did get an email from Issac, I replied sayi…
  4. Home & Family COMPLAINT

    I am still waiting for someone to contact me with this issue. I call the supervisor Jason S***** almost a month ago and i am still awaiting a phone call from him. Do you really want to take this to a…
  5. Home & Family COMPLAINT