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  1. Home & Family Posted my issue with a double charge on my credit card for a dryer, the double charge was because sears website cannot figure out which states should charge for installation. Called multiple times. A Sarah called to say that she called my local store who delivered my dryer as they are supposed to credit me and she would follow up. Big surprise still no credit or follow up. When I called again today , twice, one person just disconnect while on hold for 20 minutes, the next one first had the nerve to tell me to.call the store. I BOUGHT IT ONLINE WHY DO I HAVE TO CALL A STORE

  2. Home & Family Bought a dryer online and paid for it along with the installation fee on Jan 20. Got a call 4 days later to find out that the state I live in there is no charge for installation. Apparently the web site is not built to handle that. Normally, this would be good news. Sears emailed to say they credited my Arden and were going to reprocess to Remove the 150 installation fee so of course I said sure. Next thing I see on my credit card are 2 charges for the dryer. It is now 2 weeks later, and after emails and calls still no credit. I have now paid double for a dryer. What a scam, I am thinking of filing a police report for fraud. But first I guess I have to call my bank to dispute the charges. I will never buy another thing from sears and I will definitely ask friend and family not to either