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  1. Health & Fitness Hi, I am really hoping this correspondence has reached someone who can truly help. Two or three Christmas's ago I purchased for my family a WeiderPro 8900 weight machine system. From day one this machine has never operated as it should. In fact a technician from Sears spent 2-3 hours servicing the unit and nothing had improved. This piece of equipment cost me in excess of $600.00 and has sat completely unused because it is completely unusable !!!!! It is such a major waste of money, that all I want now is to get this worthless machine out of my basement. Or if Sears would really do the right thing they would somehow,....somehow help me find a solution to my problem. I am open to suggestions !!! A full refund would be fine, yet I would even be amenable to store credit and help getting this up from my basement and off my premises. Respectfully,Dino *****