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  1. Home & Family I have been a loyal Sears customer for over 35 years. I had an appointment today to have my Kenmore washer repaired. This same machine has been repaired in the past by Sears under my purchased warranty. Last year, after being called, I renewed the contract. Today, I was phoned at 2 PM by the service technician to tell me he was on the way to my home to repair my washer. I was very impressed until he asked me if I had the washer's serial number. Answering my phone in another room (away from the washer). He told me to lift up the lid and look for the number. I did this - and couldn't find any serial number. At this point he turned very nasty, and told me "that apparently some previous technician noted there was no serial number on the machine". I told him "I'm sure you'll find it when you get here". He did all he could to try and cancel the appointment. At that point, I called the 1 800 Sears number, and spoke with OSCAR. OSCAR gave me the model/serial number of the washer: 11027042600. A few moments later, the technician rang the bell; he was nasty and short with me; he walked into my laundry room, and after picking up the washer lid , put it down and stormed out of my house. This occurred in only 30 seconds. I tried to tell him that I had made a call to Sears; he said "so did I before I got here". He smirked, and got in his truck, leaving me with a broken washer. I called Sears again; I spoke with ARNETT; I gave him a quick summary of what had occurred. I requested a supervisor. He put me on hold, and never came back to the phone. (I should add that he asked me my phone number when the conversation began, in case we were disconnected). I called Sears a third time. I spoke with ALBERT. I again gave him a summary, and asked for a supervisor. He connected me to PISCARRA. She is a supervisor in customer solutions. I then explained to her the situation - that I have a family of seven, and need the washing machine on a daily basis. I could not understand how a technician not locating a serial number is MY problem and responsibility. Technicians have been here in the past for the same machine. I have never been informed of this "problem" with the serial number previously - either verbally, in writing or by phone. But Sears was quick enough to ask me to renew my repair agreement. Sears was not there today when I needed them - EVEN with my repair warranty . PISCARRA told me I might need to have my warranty refunded. I told her this was ludicrous and unacceptable. If someone in Sears put the model/serial number in the lid of the machine where water, chemicals and heat splash at it constantly, that person needs to be replaced. At this point, I realized she had no solution for me. I was transferred to STACY, who is a service unit supervisor. STACY was updated by Sears personnel on the situation. STACY told me this was a "unique" problem. I explained to her I had a valid warranty for a Kenmore washer. She tried hard to assist me. STACY made various phone calls to other departments; we were on the phone over 35 minutes. She finally got me an appointment for 3 days from now (Friday, the 15th). At this point, I am not even comfortable having the service department in my home! I explained to STACY that I have numerous appliances from Sears. I asked her to look at my record for repairs, and as a high spending customer, and tell me when I am receiving my new washing machine for the grief I incurred today. Nothing fancy - just a large machine WITH a serial number. I would appreciate this being done before Friday. As stated earlier, with a family of 7, I need a machine on a daily basis. I'm sure when they arrive on Friday, the technicians will have to order parts, (probably the electric panel and the drum). It has been fixed for this issue in the past! Obviously this appliance is a lemon. I would appreciate you replacing it. Please look at all my purchases with Sears over the years. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars. This took 3 hours of my day (so far); please show me that you want to keep me as a satisfied customer.