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  1. Home & Family I have NEVER posted to one of these sites.......THAT'S HOW BAD SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS (totally want to use another word)!!!!!!!!!!! I called a month ago about the hinge being broken (again) on my washing machine door and scheduled an appointment for a repair person to come out to replace it (again). The repair person showed up without the part. ????? What? Why?...you knew that's why I called, you have the serial number of my washer......BRING THE PART. After sitting in my driveway for one hour and "calling around" to other trucks in the area to see if they had the part....no luck. TIme wasted......needed to reschedule. Appointment was this morning between 8-12. I called at 10:40 to see if they could call the tech to make sure he was arriving by noon. After getting through the usual first defense of BS, asking (again....and again) for my email address and if I would like someone to give me an estimate on a kitchen (are you kidding me!), she told me she would contact dispatch and have them call me. This took 23 minutes on the phone! No call from" dispatch", but one hour later, I did receive an automated message saying that they would not be here in my window- wait or call to reschedule ...ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I called CS again and asked for a supervisor. I spoke to Gail. Explained my situation. She offered an apology and nothing more. Said she would called dispatch. The next thing I know, she transferred me to them and was off the line. Totally, "Passing the buck!" I spoke to Sandy in dispatch (Northern, NJ). She basically said "Too Bad, you will need to reschedule if you can't wait, I don't know why she (meaning Gail) transferred you to me, she's the Customer Service Escalation and should of handled this. This is the way it is and hung up on me"...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????!!!!! I have wasted 2 1/2 days sitting at home and waiting for a person to fix a hinge on a door that should have been fixed the first day. Another hour plus trying to make headway on the phone only to be told too bad, reschedule and hung up on. This is not the Customer Service I was promised when purchasing my Kenmore Washer and Dryer nor the service I was promised when I renewed my protection agreement. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THE SEARS COMPANY AGAIN!!!!