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  1. Outdoors Do you like to go fishing?

    I like the concept of going fishing and hanging out (not that I have done that). Yes, I went fishing once and liked being on a boat looking. I had trouble cleaning shrimp so the answer for bait is, …
  2. Home & Family What is the best starter tool set for a young lady?

    I had a Dremel and it did not last long, maybe a few times of use. It was not cheap especially since I bought a press for it too. I bought a driver? (for screws) after damaging so many things trying…
  3. Health & Fitness Staying healthy!

    I love baby wipes to clean my hands, and desk areas in general, or the special other types. The phones should be wiped as you don't know who used them, toothbrushes of sick people separated in the ba…