1. Home & Family I was ripped off on a sears.com order in December. After spending hours and hours on calls to these people, and going around in circles with all of these sears employees who refused to help, and insisted on telling me all about the company policies, I finally received a refund for the order that was never sent to me. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to use a gift card on part of this order, so I was not able to dispute that with my credit card company. In February I was sent a $25 gift card as part of my refund. Today, after investing more time and mileage, I went to use this card at a kmart store, only to be told the card was never even activated. The store manager refused to do anything because the problem was a sears.com deal. What an incredible waste of my time. It's hard to believe that this organization wanted to lose a customer FOR LIFE over $28.33. I guess that says a lot about sears. How terribly sad. You owe me $25. Actually, a lot more considering the waste of my time, and the stress and frustration you have caused. How are you going to resolve this problem now?