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  1. Home & Family My refrigerator/freezer has been leaking water from the ice-maker for almost 1 year now. I have had several technicians out to try and fix it.They have replaced the ice dispenser door panel, ice bucket, wiring, checked the heater and replaced the freezer door panel twice. My freezer is still leaking water and they have not fixed the problem. Due to the length of time for each part to be ordered and for the technician to come out to attempt to fix it, my warranty has expired. I was assured by a customer service associate that my warranty would still be valid because I filed the claim while under warranty. The technician has put in his notes he does not know what else to replace on it to fix the problem. Now Sears Protection Associates are telling me they are not going to replace my refrigerator since my warranty expired. I've spoke with several associates over the past year and every one says something different. All I want is my freezer to stop leaking water and for Sears to honor my warranty since they have yet to fix the problem. Who can I speak to that can help me resolve this problem?