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  1. Home & Family I entered into a contract with the Home Improvement area to purchase and install laminate flooring in my home. It turned into a total nightmare for me. The salesman who came into my home didn't know anything about laminate flooring and told me things that later were shown to be untrue. He told me that the laminate flooring that I chose would lock into the existing laminate that I had, and that the installers would not have an issue with making it work. He promised me an installation date that could not be met, and as a result I had to postpone my move date into my new home. You see, this was a new home for me, and I had an experience with water damage where the existing laminate flooring was ruined in my family room and kitchen. Also a portion of the living room was also ruined, and it was necessary to match the laminate in the living room that was remaining. The project manager and the sales people totally screwed up the ordering of my flooring and when it was finally delivered to my home almost 6 weeks later, it was NOT what I had ordered. By this time I had cancelled my move 3 times. I thought I was getting the hard laminate and what they ordered was vinyl laminate. I allowed them to lay it in the family room, because I HAD TO MOVE! They were going to order the hard laminate for the portion of the living room that needed to be laid, but when they ordered that, they ordered the wrong color. So not once but twice they screwed this up. My experience has been a nightmare, and I am sitting here with a patchwork mess - by the way, the hard laminate was not laid. The installer took me to Home Depot and we picked out something close to what was already laid on my living room floor, and it is what is now laying in my living room. It is not satisfactory either. So your company screwed me royally and today I get a bill for a considerable amount of money and I am so angry everytime I look at my floor that I feel that I should not have to pay for this mess that you all created for me.