1. Outdoors I took my lawn mower to the local Sears store ten days ago. The clerk said it would be shipped out for warranty service the next day, and assured me that everything would be covered, as I had the extended service plan. I called later in the week to check on the status, and the store manager told me that I dropped off a snow blower, not a lawn mower, according to their notes. I assured him that I knew the difference between the two, and that I certainly would not be needing my snow blower back so soon in 90 degree weather. He asked if I was sure, and I said maybe he should tell his sales staff the difference between the two, not me. Since then, I have emailed and called their service center with the number he gave me. They are telling me there is no equipment there under my name OR phone number. The store manager just told me today it's showing "In Transit", which means they still haven't looked at it in 10 days. I told him they say it's not there, he says it's in transit. No big deal, they lost my lawn mower, right? So I ask for a loaner while they track it down. They don't do that either. In the meantime, the cost for a lawn service to cut my grass will exceed the cost of a new push mower. Does Sears care? Noooo....I'm beyond frustrated and will continue to vent to anyone who listens about Sear's lack of customer service until they make good on their mess. I purchase my son's tools there, my snowblower, my dehumidifier, as well as my clothes there. This is what I get in return?