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  1. Home & Family Extreme Disappointment!! I purchased a mattress from sears outlet store in Rosedale Baltimore, and since they didnt have my choiceof box springs, i ordered box from Wheaton store on 11/10/13. Our delivery was scheduled for the 11/12/13, apparently, they delivered us wrong mattress and both the boxes were different sizes. when i tried to speak to the delivery guy, he was very rude and simply fled from the scene without answering my questions. I called the 1800 number on the receipt and talked to them. They convinced me that, I would get the right mattress/ boxes on 11/14. However, samething happened on 14th, I called the stores, 1800 number and had to inform them about what my exact orders were. Once again my delivery was postponed to 11/16. I called a call from ware house 11/16 morning that the mattress is damaged and they cant deliver it. So i chose to go to the warehouse and check for myself. When I got there, I noticed they had put my information on the wrong mattress and the actual mattress was missing. I called the store that i had originally purchased the mattress from and they stated, they has sent the mattress out on the same night. I am very unhappy with my experience.