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  1. Outdoors I have a lawn tractor 917.273380...it will start and mow for about 10 minutes then lose power and eventually shut down. I have adjusted the valves and it repeats the problem. I noticed the last time before adjusting that the top rocker arm is not moving in or out. What is the problem ? Thanks !

    How can I easily tell when the piston is at the most top center. When I have the plug out and stick the screwdriver in. I feel the piston pushing the screw driver back out of the hole to me. Im confus…
  2. Outdoors What is the easiet way to know that the piston is top center ? When I have my spark plug out and the piston is as close to the plug whole as possible, is that when the piston is at the top center point?

    Maybe im doing it wrong...when I stick the screwdriver in I feel the piston pushing the screwdriver back out to me. How do I know when its at the top. Im confused, Sorry. Hope you can explain this to …