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  1. Home & Family To Sears Customer Care. Today, 9/7/13, will be the 5th time in less than 3 weeks that a Sears AC tech will attempt to repair my Sears installed Carrier Infinity Heat Pump / Air Handler system that was purchased in 2007. Each time when service was requested, it was due to the AC compressor shutting down & at each previous call, the techs cannot determine the cause. Although I have a MPA on the entire system the issue is the Sears tech ability to properly diagnose the problem & replace the part or parts that are causing the system to shut down. I have numerous photos of the high tech thermostats "fault messages" which the Sears techs have read & still cannot isolate the mechanical failure with the AC compressor / Heat Pump. The latest fault messages since midnight 9/7/13 till 10am the same day are "Compressor Voltage at Standby 255 events" which basically means that the AC compressor/Heat Pump has been trying to start up 255 times & has failed to do so. I can tell you about being a Sears customer for over 45 years but lately that does not seem to matter to Sears. My Sears installed Carrier system has had numerous repairs & even a letter to the Sears Chairman of the Board has done little to improve my customer satisfaction with this major home improvement that I purchased from Sears. I'd like some indication from Sears that they will make a significant commitment to repairing my Carrier system. I suggest having a Carrier tech visit my home at Sears expense to better analyze the problems & make the proper repairs. I'll be anxiously waiting for Sears to email me with some resolution.