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  1. Home & Family Need help , I purchased a Punching Bag and a Punching bag stand at Sears on January 3rd 2013 , I was told it would be delivered within a few business days . When I arrived home 30 minutes later I noticed I had received an email from Sears canceling part of my order ( punching bag stand ) . I waited several days and called Sears again because I never received a Email regarding a refund for the heavy bag stand , the person I spoke to told me thats because I didnt request a refund so I then requested a refund and was told he would email me the refund email by days end. Guess what ? No such email was sent . After several more phone calls and several more stories and promises I am at the end of the road . Is my money stolen? I receive emails that Sears is researching my case but lets be honest what is there to research ? I placed an order you could not fill it so refund my money? Its that sample no research is involved. How can a well known company like Sears have customer service like this?