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  1. Outdoors Craftsman Lawn Tractor would not start. Running fine daughter got off to move a stick and then it would not start. I had knee replacement and had some one check it about 3/4 weeks later, just thought the spark plug was fouled out from gas. I called 2 or 3 times and talked to 8 different people that could not speak good English. Whenever I asked to speak to an American Representive that could speak English(never did speak to a rep. that spoke English), I was transferred. I spoke to one man in broken English that said, I needed to call Craftsman because I had called Sears. What! I explained Crfaftsman was Sears brand name product and I had called the # on my Craftsman manual. One of the operators said she would waive and send a repair man out to check the lawnmower out. I wanted to make sure she understood, I asked you will send a repair person and I won't have to pay for the service charge, she then tells me no, no it will cost $105.00. WHAT! I put it in a repair shop in my town, it is a defective Cam. The repair man gave me the # to call and the nice English speaking ladies today told me to go to my sears.com. I bought my lawn tractor August 28, 2010. It was under warranty when the problem started. HELP! I have never had a problem like this, I have had nemerous Craftsman lawn tractors, Sears TV, washer dryers, craftsman tools(only brand my Dad & Husband would buy) and so many products I can't remember in 40 years. But if I don't get answers this will be the last product I will buy. HELP

    numerous Craftsman....sorry...typing mad....