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  1. Food & Cooking I have been sitting at home all day waiting on the scheduled delivery (7:15am - 9:15 am) of my fridge, At 10:30 I called Sears and was advised that they called and came and no one answered the phone or was at home. What a lying set of ********. I have called 4 times since and each time I was assured that they would call back. They never do. Sears is operating like a fish shop. This is so hard to believe but coming here and seeing all these complaints I realise that its just NOT a good company to do business with. Never again. I unpacked my fridge at 7:00 and I'm now on the verge of loosing everything, Honestly I never expected such a large company to lie so much. The hurtful thing also is the techi who visited he simply look at my 4 year old fridge and said its not worth fixing. Now it has started to work perfectly again, however since I already bought a new one and has no where to store the present one I have no choice than to let them take it....Gosh they are so lie....I dont know when my new Fridge will be delivered....Sears is so lie, so lie.....its unbelievable