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  1. Home & Family We have had a Sears Service Agreement for a very long time now and it was extremely expensive. Due to this fact alone, I am very disappointed in the service times that are given to us when one of our appliances need fixed. For example, my Kenmore dishwasher isn't working, won't drain the water when it is supposed to, which of course renders it unusable. My wife just called for service and was told that the "first available appointment" is not until November 5th! We have had this issue for quite sometime now but it seems to get worse every time we call. I've been told that "nobody is going to be in your area for this week" and I never understood what 'my area' had to do with anything. I'm pretty sure we didn't get an out of area discount when paying for our agreement. We should get the same level of service as anyone else does, regardless of where we live!! Also, for the thousands of dollars we spent a long time ago, I believe we should actually get preferential treatment for pre-paying! We've also had the problem of letting the rep on the phone know what is wrong and asking if they can please bring a new part because we're pretty sure this is what's wrong, then the driver shows up, verifies that is the problem but says he doesn't have the part. In fairness, the last time we had a tech come work on the dishwasher, he was an older fellow and was the absolute best repairman we ever had. He actually cared about the problem, took the door apart and found the problem and fixed it. Two repairmen before him did nothing but spin the dial, see the soap dispenser open and say "it appears to be working fine". Only to have the same issue happen within the next two days. Anyway, I would like a response on the appointment times being really, really slow. I live in Burgettstown, PA and there is a service center in Washington, PA, a mere 25 minutes from where I live, so not sure why I have to wait until "someone is coming out to my area"??