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  1. Home & Family I have a Kenmore range Model 790.9220214 while baking something at 375 degrees halfway through it started beeping with an f10 error code. In the research I have done it suggested to removed the back panel. I did this to discover the control panel is black (looks like over heated and could have sparked and luckily no fire and it is melted a bit). I called the recall dept and this is not on a recall but I find it hard to believe that this kind of faulty wiring would not be covered. I am really hesistant to have it repaired if this isn't recalled (and therefore not a "known" bad issue with the range). I don't want to have this happen again and risk having an actual fire start...Not worth it! Any help would be appreciated. As I said on other external sites I've researched this is a recuring problem with other consumers. Thanks