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  1. Home & Family My husband and I bought a brand new Kenmore washer and dryer. It's the biggest capacity model you can get and it was a brand new design. We spent a decent amount of these but were excited to have this new model. When they got delivered and we used the washer for the first time we were disappointed to find that on the first load it didn't finish spinning. It would never go into the last cycle where the machine would spin fast to dry the clothing. It would just shimmy back and forth. Also we noticed the dryer was constantly making a clicking noise, even after days of not running. We had a repair technician come out to our home and told us our washer’s hose was pushed too far into the drain from the Sears installers and he pulled it out. He told us the dryer’s clicking was normal. Then he left. We ran the washer again. Nothing changed and the dyer was still clicking and we cannot see that being a normal quality. We called again. Again someone came out and looked at the washer and dryer this time saying the washer was built with a mistake and that he would have to install a computer update to fix the problem, this means he would need to come back, again. He also said he would need to order a new board for the dryer and when that comes in he would come back for that. When the board came in the technician came for a THIRD time to install it, which he did and then he left. My husband and I could not take ANOTHER day out of work so we were lucky enough to have my father-in-law at our home to greet the Sears/Kenmore technician. Unfortunately when my husband and I got home from work we found that the dryer STILL clicks. So we will have to schedule MORE days for a Sears/Kenmore technician to come out and try and fix both our BRAND NEW washer and dryer. This is getting exhausting. If I wanted to buy a REFERBISHED washer and dryer for a DISCOUNTED price I would have. Instead I bought a brand NEW washer and dryer thinking there would be no problems. Instead I have a washer and dryer for almost 3 months that still won’t even run right! Here is what I am proposing. I want a NEW WASHER AND DRYER that actually WORKS to replace out current ones and when they arrive I want our one year service coverage to RESTART to match these new machines. If this is not possible I would like to RETURN them and I will take my service elsewhere. Or we can begin a lawsuit battle. Please let me know which works for Sears and contact us ASAP.