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  1. Home & Family I renewed a extended warranty contract from Sears for s Bosch dishwasher in November, 2013 . At the time of purchase I was offered an for my major protection plac for my refridgator and cooktop puchased from Sears. The items were older and the price was right so I purchased both. Snce that time I had five or six service calls on my dishwasher for a leak, My ceiling is dammaegd. I, m now on mys six service call on my Refreigator,. It is now a safety issue. My leak is going from my kitchen into my finished basement ceilling. The last service call was on Wednesday, by Friday it was leaking again . I was told that I had not had four moving parts repair and until then it could not be replaced. So I have property damage and safety issues and a repair appointment three days away..