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  1. Home & Family why does Sears not match prices for delivery and removal of appliances

    When it comes to free delivery, it is an extreme case of you get what you pay for. Sears' delivery and installation checklist has about 100 different point items on it including removal of packing mat…

    Just to offer some clarification, I was working a shift last night and at around 7:15pm or so the entire Sears network across the country went down and did not return before the store had closed for t…
  3. Outdoors what is the fluid in my new lawn tractors gas tank? It smells like starter fluid.

    All engines are test run at the factory before they leave for the stores or distribution warehouses. My guess is the smell is probably a small amount of fuel stabilizer that was added to the tank befo…
  4. Home & Family Can 19.2V ni-cad chrger charge litium batteries?

    The ni-cads and li-ions will work in the dual chemistry charger. Only the ni-cads will work in the old charger, the li-ions will not.
  5. Outdoors Why does Sears Refuse to Honor their Warranty on Mower repairs?

    Just a point of clarification, the OP didn't mention at anytime that they had a PA on the mower. In fact, they mention a 2 year parts and labor warranty which is the defect warranty from the manufactu…
  6. Saving Money I just saw today that my local Kmart is closing. Will they still have the black Friday deals?

    That depends on how soon it's actually closing. General rule of thumb, though, is that once a company publicly announces that a store is closing, all of the stock is purchased by a liquidation company…
  7. Home & Family How do I recieve a sears wishbook in the mail?

    Hi there mamabeth43, Print copies of the Sears Wishbook will not be available this year but keep an eye on Sears.com for the digital version of the catalog to be available real soon.
  8. Outdoors will craftsman pole saw blades fit ryobi

    Hi there stoneytheman, Since the Craftsman and Ryobi attachments are both made by the same manufacturer, my guess would be yes, the same chain will fit the pole saw. Your big thing to check is that…