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  1. Home & Family Still Looking for a Washer & Dryer But Can't Find a Bundle that Sears Will Deliver

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  2. Home & Family Went to the local Sears to see some of the HE washers/dryers that have been recommended to me, but was told that HE machines do not allow you to adjust the water level.

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  3. Home & Family Has anybody ever ordered a washer/dryer combo from the Sears Outlet and...

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  4. Home & Family Moved into a new place and I wanted the HE Kenmore matching washer/dryer with the pedestals. However, the area where the washer/dryer will go will not allow these front loaders to be raised. (like the set I had 5 years ago that were awesome. Kenmore HE front loaders on pedestals) I got some good help from Experts, but I got so confused about what companies are making what machines now. Also, not clear on some topics the Experts raised about making sure I get a certain washer so that I can reach an area that collects coins and other things that were in the pockets of cloths. I will need to get the top loaders, even know I thought the Kenmore HE spinning capability in the machines I had 5 years ago was top notch. What is a top of the line as far as the basics (no extra bells/whistles) but can hold up to a clean freak and has a great spin cycle and ability to agitate the cloths without getting things caught so they tear. The washer I had 5 years ago, did not have anything in the middle of the washer and I guess that was because it was a front loader. Do they have top loaders that are HE and do just as good of a job as what one of the first Kenmore HE washer that came out did? No need to do a lot of laundry at once, but like extra rinse cycle and a great spin cycle to save on the drying. I would like to get the matching set online at Sears and have it delivered and installed (if they still do that). Are the stainless steel braided water hoses worth getting? The dryer needs to be electric and the power outlet has 3-prongs (if I am saying that correctly. I am not a fan of Whirlpool, but I loved the great machine I had about 5 years ago that was made by Kenmore, was a front loader, HE, and had the best spin cycle that the dryer had to hardly ever work very much.

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  5. Home & Family Does anybody know how to get a hold of JulieK the Moderator or any Expert from the Mattress Team?

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  6. Home & Family I am in need of a good washer/dryer that was built to go as a team. Not a combo where one is on top and the other on the bottom, but they were made to be used together, first the washer and then the dryer. I have purchased the Kenmore HE washer/dryer on pedestals when they first came out and I loved them. I went for the paid that were front loaders, not too many options, but just the right amount of options (water level, spinning speed (which was the best, you could hear it start off slow and gradually increase sped until it was going so fast the washer would lock and it had a whirling sound to it the washer sounded like it was going to take off. This was about 5-6 years ago. I had to sell them, but I am not in the market for another washer/dryer. I like the fact that certain models have a washer and dryer pair that were made to go together. I need an electric dryer. the largest items I would be washing/drying are queen sheets/and maybe an occasionally queen comforter. I use Oxy-Clean in nearly every wash, and I am very determined to maintain the washer/dryer as the manual states. I used to clean out this first HE pair I had, make sure no mildew grew, and occasionally put it through a cleaning cycle with no cloths, just water and a little bleach.

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  7. Home & Family I was at a Sears store today and saw the beds. There was a bed they were featuring that was kind of like a Tempur-pedic bed but it was not that. I think it is by Sealy or Serta but I forgot the name of the bed. I would like to get one in a queen. does anybody know the name of this special bed made by Sealy or Serta that has 2 layers of a foam type filler?

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